History of the eClubSoda HappyHour

Nan Hoy Shaw started a group called ClubSoda in the mid-80’s for clients who wanted to replace unhealthy habits/addictions with practices that truly satisfied their adult needs.  She began the group with the late Dr. Bill McKenzie, a gynecologist and addictionologist, with whom she shared office space.

Some years after Dr. McKenzie’s passing, in 2003, Nan launched the eClubSoda website where she could offer support and education on a larger scale; and she introduced a new kind of HappyHour, a live teleconference call at 5:30PM Eastern, where people gathered daily, 365 days a year, for genuine connection, supportive listening and professional coaching.

Nan’s HappyHour calls continued daily for 18 years until Nan passed away suddenly on June 8, 2021.

Through HappyHour calls, Nan created an environment of community where call-in members could bring any subject of concern, celebration or curiosity to explore in the safety of her listening. It became a space to learn how to listen deeper. She taught members how to ask curious non-judgmental questions and resist the urge to give advice. She believed in self-discovery instead of giving advice or answers. She believed the one person you can change is yourself, and that it IS possible to shift from habits that don’t support us to ways of living that do.

In Nan’s words, It takes practice and focus to establish a new distinction as a healthy habit, and  HappyHour  offers the perfect practice laboratory full of new friends to help on this journey.”

For those of us fortunate to know Nan, she will always remain a loving, supportive voice in our hearts, minds and souls.

Nan Hoy Shaw

Nan ShawNan Hoy Shaw was a beloved life coach to thousands of clients internationally over her 40+ year career.

She is also the author of How to Get Your Wiggle Back, 365 “Hors-d’oeuvres” To Whet Your Appetite for LIFE!

A graduate of Brown University, Nan sought to make this world a better, more connected place through her daily work, teachings, and writings. She worked professionally in the field of personal development, addictionology, and life coaching, determined to help those she came in contact with “get their wiggle back” and begin living lives of true connection and curiosity. She is known throughout the world for her special listening skills and heart-centric approach to personal growth, and was considered an “angel on Earth” to the many she coached, counseled, and helped through some of life’s most challenging moments.

Nan had a passion for helping those mired in addiction find healthier, more authentic ways to connect and find joy. She cared deeply about the children affected by alcoholism, and in 2002, she founded a non-profit organization, The Center For Family Alcohol Awareness and Research (CFAAR) in order to raise parents’ awareness of the effects of their drinking on their children.

Nan’s family, friends, and clients will never forget the positive impact she made through her kindness to others, her courage to speak up, and her never-ending desire to make a difference. She was a light in the dark to so many. Her life was a masterclass in living what she taught: that your greatest pain/fear can be the seed of your greatest gift.

eClubSoda Legacy Steering Committee

Lynn Palmer, LynnAPalmer@gmail.com
Jodi Gooding, JodiGooding@hotmail.com
Meri Viano, MeridithViano@gmail.com
Terri Schroeder Goins, Terri@Terrischroeder.com

How to Get Your Wiggle Back

How to Get Your Wiggle BackAs a devoted rescue mom to German Shepherds, Nan delighted in the way dogs show joy with such enthusiasm. She became intrigued with the idea of helping people get their authentic wiggle back when they feel stuck in some area of their life. She taught that the way to leave behind any habit is to create a more rewarding one as an alternative.

Designed to facilitate this process, these 365 “hors-d’oeuvres” are presented in a short, easy-to-digest format offering life-altering insights through perceptive, relatable and compassionate coaching.

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