eClubSoda Legacy

. . . a nurturing support community for everything life throws your way. . .

Nan Shaw

In loving memory of Nan Hoy Shaw who showed us how to truly listen

eClubSoda Legacy was founded to honor the life work of Nan Hoy Shaw, known as a gifted coach and loved for her direct but tender, caring spirit. Nan served her Mission exquisitely by providing a “unique and nurturing environment to learn from the many challenges that life keeps sending our way”.


We aspire to carry forward Nan Shaw’s commitment to provide a safe place of heartfelt listening and support.


Following in Nan’s footsteps, our Vision is a world where people know and respect that each and every life and voice matters.

4 Key Beliefs

  • Your life matters
  • Your perspective can be heard
  • Different unique perspectives create possibilities
  • We all desire a connected world

eClubSoda Legacy is a Community

  • Of support, understanding and wisdom that collectively helps you to create or recognize possibilities and solutions to challenges that at first may seem impossible to overcome
  • Of committed listeners learning to communicate in a clear and connected way, thus creating new possibilities through curious listening and courageous speaking

We aspire to be

  • A safe place to share yourself
  • A place where you will be welcomed with open arms
  • A place where you belong and are loved
  • A “home” among others in development


  • Understand the nature of the community from prior association with Nan Shaw or eClubSoda or a past or present member
  • Promise to maintain the confidentiality of all members and conversations and respect that each person’s story is theirs to share
  • Commit to listen beyond where they may initially react from judgment or opinion

Call Leaders

  • Understand the nature of the community gained from prior experience with Nan Shaw or participation in eClubSoda
  • Are skilled at providing a supportive listening environment in a group setting
  • Commit to helping others find their own solutions and avoid advice-giving
  • Demonstrate leadership during and through stressful or tense conversations
  • Stay with others as they work through any emotion they may bring to the call